Development Environment Manager
tailored for the embedded industry

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Engineers delivering complex embedded software projects often struggle with inconsistent development environments and slow build and test execution.

So, we wanted to create a tool we wish we had to create scalable, reliable, and reproducible development environments and enable faster tool execution.

Manage, build and test faster

Development Environment Manager

Our open-source developer tool, DEM, is designed specifically for embedded software teams to create a tool-agnostic, embedded-friendly development platform.

For the best DevEx, DEM uses a command-line interface to build, manage, and customize your development environments effortlessly using containerized tools.

Try it, DEM is open-source

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Modern development platforms

Build and test faster

Embedded engineers have to use hardware setups when writing software, which is not taken into consideration by the currently available development platforms.

Build an embedded-friendly development platform with DEM to fully utilize computational power, whether on-premises or cloud.

Use DEM to create your Development Platform

Speed up your builds and improve collaboration with DEM
Development Environment Manager
Development Environment Manager

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