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The basic concepts of Development Environment Management

What is a Development Environment?

A set of software tools used for a specific development project is called a Development Environment. These tools can include the build system, debugger, test framework, and more.

A Container Image

A container image is a set of software components alongside its dependencies, which can be run in a container.

A Tool Container Image

The concept involves packaging the tools from a Development Environment into dedicated images, allowing them to operate independently and in isolation.

Development Environment Descriptor

Each Development Environment has a descriptor. A descriptor, like a blueprint, indicates which tools are required in the project, and the place their container images are stored.

Dev Env descriptor

Container Engine

The container engine is responsible for running the container images. DEM utilizes the Docker Container Engine to run the tool images.

Registry and Repository

A registry acts as a storage for tool images, allowing them to be stored without consuming space on a developer's computer. This storage facilitates easy sharing of images among collaborators, ensuring consistent tool usage across the project team. When an image is uploaded to a registry, it triggers the creation of a repository. This repository manages the various versions of the image.


An image repository stores the different versions of the same image.
An image registry is a collection of image repositories.

In the background, DEM also uses registries to store the tool images. To list the currently available registries use the dem list-reg command. You can add or delete registries using the dem add-reg and dem del-reg commands.


DEM supports the Docker Hub and Docker Registry

To request support for other registry types, start a discussion in our community through Discord.

Development Environment Catalogs

A catalog is a collection of Development Environment descriptors.
DEM can manage multiple catalogs. To list the currently available ones use the dem list-cat command. The dem add-cat and dem del-cat commands can be used to add or delete catalogs.

axem default catalog

axem has its own catalog, which is available by default.

Users can browse these catalogs, and download a copy of the Development Environment descriptor to their local catalog.


Development Platform

The registries, the catalogs, and the entire development infrastructure form the Development Platform.

Example Tutorial

Learn by doing! Try our tutorial with a simple embedded project!